Top 5 Places You Must Visit In Lonavala.

Lonavala in the monsoon looks straight out of a dream. The fresh air, valleys covered in greenery, aesthetic landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, roads covered with mist, will never fail to make you fall in love with Lonavala. Taking a road trip to Lonavala during monsoon is the best time to scenic beauty of mother nature. This blissful city is situated at a distance of 95 km from Mumbai and 67 km from pune. The city got its name from a Sanskrit word ‘lonavali’ which refers to a ‘group of caves’. The name of the place was given as it has presence of many caves around it.

Even tough there are many places to visit in Lonavala but i am listing Top 5 Places you should must visit if you ever travel to Lonavala.

Rajmachi point

Rajmachi point is located at a distance of 6.5 km from Lonavala. It has one of the most breath taking views, it has a pleasing view of massive mountains, valleys, waterfalls and the Mumbai- Pune express way. There is Rajmachi fort on the opposite side of the site which can be covered by foot from the Rajmachi point. There is a park called, Rajmachi park or Monkey garden as you can see lots of Monkeys in this garden. To make this view more joyous a cup of tea will lead you straight to seventh heaven.

Lohagad fort

Lohagad fort is 12.5 km from Lonavala. After capturing the fort Shivaji Maharaj had to surrender this fort to Mughals by the treaty of Purandar. Shivaji Maharaj recaptured the fort and used it for keeping his treasure. You have to climb around 300-350 steps to reach at the top. There are four large gates of Lohagad fort. As you climb the fort you will see lots of Monkeys, Once you reach at the top there are temples, mosque and a point called ‘Scorpion’s Tail or Vinchu Kata’. The fort offers a stunning view of Pawna lake from the top. It is a good place for trek but you need to be careful during monsoon.

Lions Point

Lion’s point is one of the famous points in Lonavala, the monsoon season makes this area more scenic and spectacular . It is a 30 to 35 min ride from the Lonavala’s main market. Lions point is mainly covered in mist which makes you feel that you are walking on the clouds. As you reach the point there are many local shops which provide you hot Tea, coffee, corn and cheese pakodas, maggie etc. I would recommend  cheese pakdoda or maggie tastes best with Tea or coffee. Also everything here is bit overpriced but the view is eye arresting.

Pawna Lake

Pawna lake is 20 km from Lonavala market, the lake has its own beauty and the atmosphere is mesmerizing. It is mainly famous for Camping. The view offers you a very pleasant and refreshing view of mountain ranges and the cold breeze will make you fall in love with this place. There are many local shops and hotels around, which provide you snacks and beverages. Also there is Pawna Dam which gives you the best view of Nature.

Sunset Point

Sunset point is very close to Rajmachi point, you get to see the beautiful sunset view as well as the view of  mumbai- pune highway. Its hard to see the sunset during monsoon but still it gives you a vibe that makes you feel like heaven on earth. The environment around you very pleasing, where one can sit and admire the greenery of  mother nature.

Apart from the above mentioned spots there are many places to visit in Lonavala, like Dukes nose, Bushi dam, Rajmachi fort, Tigers leap and many more. These are some of the places one must go.

My Travel Experience

The night before the big day made me a little nervous as it was the first time i was traveling without my family. All my friends were pretty excited about the perfect weekend gateway to this mind blowing destination and everyone was punctual, soon we began our journey on our way we got to explore the unforgettable beauty of the nature. Traveling along the roads covered with lush green trees and the cold weather makes the journey 10 times more beautiful. Within 4 hours we finally reached our destination and looked forward to reach our hotel named ‘Aristro’ where we booked a family size room which included 6 of us. The cost was quite pocket friendly for all of us as well as the stay, ambiance, playzone and management was unexpectedly good. After freshening up we all left for sightseeing, where the roads were covered with mist and the surrounding greenery rejuvenated the peace of our minds. Slowly and steadily we covered all the to-go places on our list and finally the day came to an end. We reached our hotel rooms had our dinner and went to bed early so to rise up early for our day 2 in lonavala!


Early morning at 8 am after all the hustle and bustle, we decided to leave for the trek to Lohagad fort. The trek was fantastic everyone was super tired. After visiting Lohagad we headed towards pawna lake and dam it was a beautiful experience but the patch of 2-3 kms is bit rough anyhow the view was eye-arresting. Later on we did a bit shopping in Lonavala market “you cannot miss the Fomous Maganlal Chikki and the Chocolate and Walnut fudge” if you ever go to Lonavala.

That was a short story about my Travel experience, If you have ever been to Lonavala share your travel experience in the comment section below.

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