Nice to meet me.

Nothing can be more fulfilling than experiencing the joy of living your dream. Life was going good. I completed my exams and started planning  for  this year’s summer vacations I had bunch of things to do but as always ‘nothing’s gonna go as per the plan of action.

The scariest moment is always just before you start.


The next day I woke up had my tea and started reading a novel, while reading I had many thoughts running in my mind, “starting a travel blog” was one of them but I was really clueless about how to get started. I started watching youtube videos, read travel blogs. Later on as my dad came home from his work I gave him a glass of water and told him my idea about starting a blog, he was convinced.I had my nerves kicking in and the fear was real. Also my excitement had reached on another level. Next day I woke up early than I used to, had my breakfast and started working, I bought a domain name and hosting,now the big question was editing the site and thats where my friend Piyush came in the picture he helped me a lot throughout setting my website.

It took a week to setup everything and finally! That day was very special for me as it was the first time I was doing something out of my comfort zone. When my first trip got confirmed I couldn’t stop raving about it to everyone. Find out where was my first trip in my next Blog.

These were some of my thoughts and experiences before starting my travel blog!

If you like it comment down below what are your thoughts and if you had any such experiences do share I would love to read them. Also subscribe and stay tuned for the upcoming Adventures.



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  1. Good goinggg !!!
    Have a great success ahead!

    1. Thnakyou Miti for your kind words <3
      See you soon. Cheers !

  2. Can’t wait for reading your blogs. All the best ❤

    1. Thankyou Megha will work hard to reach the expectations <3
      See you soon !

  3. All the best brother!! Waiting for another blog post ✌❤

    1. Thankyou Devendra the new blog must get uploaded by today midnight <3
      See you soon.

  4. All the best brother!! ✌❤

  5. Starting is very good chherup for next visit and new updates

  6. Thankyou Mom <3

  7. Great work?? will be waiting for another blog❤

    1. Thankyou Vedant the new blog is already up do check out <3 🙂

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